SuperBoost Men’s Libido

What makes SuperBoost Men’s Libido so GOOD– FOR–YOU?

McNab’s SuperBoost Men’s Libido is a unique product that supports male sexual performance. It contains crucial vitamins, plant antioxidants, and Africa’s best-researched herb, White Ginger. White Ginger has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac and is guaranteed to enhance your sexual performance and staying power.



Each SuperBoost Men’s Libido contains the following performance enhancing ingredients:

White Ginger, Grape Seed Extract & Panax Ginseng contribute to long-lasting sexual stamina and power.

Who is SuperBoost Men’s Libido suitable for?

This product is suitable for males over the age of 18, looking for extra endurance and stamina under the sheets.

When and how do I use SuperBoost Men’s Libido?

3 Tabs = 1 Dose

Directions: Swallow all 3 tabs with water 1 HOUR before performance.

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